Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Thanks & Arty stuff

 Thanks everyone for your kind words . I am still in my comp break and only switch on once a day to check emails etc. Have been playing with my craft stuff and will continue to do that. Also actually watched a bit of tv ( never usually do lol ) and went for day out to a local bank holiday show. So the break is going well. I have set up dezinaworld with post dated posts but other than that i havent done much at all. I thought i might share one of my makes today though, while i am here and also a poem i wrote. I hope you enjoy them
and hope you all have a fab week
hugs June

(c) J.Macfarlane 2005
I want to walk ,
over sodden autumn leaves,
upon rain-blackened concrete,
and onward.
Never stop walking away,
warm –in a coat of me
free– of responsibility.
I want to walk,
within the noise of city sounds,
across the bridge to tree and beast,
and onward.
Follow nothing and no-one,
empty– of ghosts that haunt me,
serene— because I am only me.
I want to walk,
into snow-drifts and wind,
beneath the perch of an owl .
I want to walk,
arm in arm with life,
grasping the fingers of fate.
beyond spring,
into summer.
and onward.

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Susan's crafty chaos said...

Hugs to you June, I love the artwork and the poem, but most of all, it's great to hear that you're having fun, doing well, and enjoying the break :)

Sally H said...

Wonderful poem and gorgeous art work! Recharging those batteries well, by the look of it, hun. Enjoy!

Jeanette said...


Wonderful art and wonderful poem. I'm glad you are enjoying your time off.


Karen said...

Big warm hugs from me to you June XXX

That is a wonderful peom, can I walk alongside you today? Its so poignant to how I am feeling today.

Beautiful artwork too XXX

sam21ski said...

Hi June, glad the break is doing you some good, take care - Sam xxx

Piddawinkle said...

June your poetry is so lovely and evocative, i think I can say Im very proud to be your friend, Pidd

Faye said...

June, your poetry is beautiful as is your artwork. In fact, when you get rested up, please check out the little something I have for you on my wordpress blog.

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