Tuesday, 29 September 2009


 I have a wonderful friend in the lovely Gayle who also makes beautiful art as part of the team of designers at Dezinaworld. Take a tour through Gayles blog and see her beautiful work not only for my dezinaworld but for other blogs too. I have come to look forward to my new friends emails and art so much and feel so blessed to know her. Thanks Gayle.
I would like to pass this particular award to even more wonderful friends who i have met through art and crafting. This award is for all of the girls and Al at www.creationsbyjj.com forum and five  other amazing Ladies who I adore .... Jude ,Jeanette & Stef & Meikoningin & Cindy - of course there are many more but i guess i have to stop or this award thing won't work :)
Enjoy the award everyone and tell us 5 things about yourself as i do here

1/ As a child I spent most of my time reading and believing in fairies, I used to collect rose petals and add them to water to make 'fairy perfume'

2/ I am a bit of a workaholic in the mental sense. My brain doesn't rest easily yet my body is happy too lol.

3/ I was once addicted to cucumber and would slice and eat one to two cucumbers a day - when i took iron supplements the craving disappeared ( it took two years to find that out )

4/ I was named in the top 100 poets of 2006 by a writing and poetry publishers and website.

5/ My Three favourite places are Paris (city) Northumberland coast (sea and scenery ) Teesdale (the most underrated countryside)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please also come and see me at Dezinaworld blog
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Susan's crafty chaos said...

I do like to read the random factoids that are presented, and lol, oh I remember "perfume" made of rose petals in a jam jar ;)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

well i certainly thank you for the award but i really thank you for telling a little about yourself.

i had a poem pulished ONCE. i love writing poetry and it comes easy when i'm in the mood.

thank you so much and thanks for sharing.


Jeanette said...

Dear June,

Thank you so very much for the 'Smiles'
award. I was surprised at how many things we have in common. Especially, the bit about iron supplements. My addiction was
ice cubes. Iron supplements didn't work for me so I get iron infusions about once a year.

Thank you again

Meikoningin said...

Thank you sooo much June for this award *smile*. To recieve an award from a friend really makes my day :D And i am happy to share 5 things about myself here :D

1)I asked my mother a while ago and she said ever since i could hold a pencil that i have been drawing and crafting.

2)I have spent years looking for my talents, i believe that you have to use the talents you have to make your own and other people's lives better, very calvinistic ;) It has only been a recent discovery for me that crafting is a "good" enough talent :)

3)I have had a christmas card made into a "real" christmas card and it was sent out to about a 1000 people :)

4)Autumn is my favourite time of year, nothing is better than spending the day inside, crafting with my mom and sister when it is raining outside, the wind is rattling the windows and it doesnt seem to get light.

5)I am a real "gatherer": oh that is something i can use ! I can make that into a ... ! Recognise anything ? ;)