Sunday, 13 September 2009

My special friends, hugs and Alzheimers

 I recieved a very special award from a very special friend of mine the other day. This award was given to me by Jude who 'just knows' when i am in need of something like this. Jude is one amazing, kind and wonderful lady. She is caring and a dear friend. We met through crafting and have had some fun ( not enough but i am sure as the years go by we will have even more fun ) Her roots are in my home town and Judes parents still live here too. Jude and I share another special bond, both our mothers have Alzheimers desease. Judes mam is in a home and is in a much later stage than my own but we both understand the heartbreak the desease causes to all involved. If you check out Judes Blog You will see that she is currently asking for help with crafty things for an appeal to help those ladies in the home that need something nice to spend time on. Go check it out for details please.
I hope you will all pop over there and here is my hug which I would like to give FIRST back to Jude for being there for me and SECOND to all the other ladies especially Susan who have kept my spirits up this year at my crafting forum. These ladies are more than friends ... like Jude, i think of them as FAMILY
thanks ladies & Al ( he is our tech guy and my best friend too lol - Yep you get the hug too  !! )

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jude said...

OH June ,Thankyou so much for those kind words .I't was so needed today as i heard yesterday a dear friend of mine has passed away yesterday afternoon.
So you never know you my have some fun again sooner than you think!!!lol.
depends as chloe has her op thursday so will see.
love n hugs to such awonderful kind hearted person.
p.s watch out for mr postman this week??

Susan's crafty chaos said...

June, thanks so much for the hugs, you're a star :) I'm also going to see Jude's blog and see if I can help :)

jackiescrafts said...

June thanks ever so much for the hug, as I've said before you are one amazing lady and I'm honoured to have you as a friend.
I will go visit Judes blog to see if I can help

hugs Jackie x

Karen said...

Awe June, I feel for you honey. I watched helplessly as my Gran drifted away from me. I miss her dreadfully

I have something all ready for Jude, I haven't forgotten. HUGS XXX

Liz said...

Wow June thanks for the Hug Missing you

Liz xx