Thursday, 21 May 2009


Hello everyone, I just thought i best leave a post here for anyone who follows my artyretreat blog. I haven't found time to do any artwork lately so there is a distinct lack of posting here. I know that my lovely blogging friends worry about me when i am not here due to my family worries but i am ok i promise its just ... sadly ......... no art :(
I am active over at art freebies and art on the darkside though so do pop and see whats new there

Keep your fingers crossed that i get some time at the weekend to play will you ?

Here are three of the 7 grandchildren who help steal my time lol

Laurel, Jacob, Joshua


Kristen Hermanny said...

What sweeties. I wish we could see our grands more. 2 live in Connecticut and 2 live close, but their parents are too busy for the likes of us. The 2 on the East Coast are the best. The talk to us on the phone during the week quite often.

They look like a great group of kids, and they look like they get along well.

Cheryl said...

oh june how adorable are they so cute lots love cheryl xxxxx

Viv's Visuals said...

Great pic June!

Ginny said...

I would happily let these cuties steal my time, too !!

lottie said...

And what little treasures they are too

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, cuties for sure!!!! I know you're proud as you should be!!!!

Cindy said...

okay - what's up with the look on the girlie's face? It's as if she's about to make a comment on something one of the others said! Any time stolen with these three is time well spent!!!

Have a great weekend lovey.

Jenni said...

Aren't they cute - I'm so envious!
Jenni x

Chris said...

Life soooo seems to get in the way of blogging sometimes and creating too :( but I am sending you some 'Irish luck' :) to help your mojo along hun.
If you get chance pop by my blog to see what I mean... I used one of your fab free images for my latest crafty offering and I just sooooo love it so thanks so much for sharing June you are so kind.
Been missing from blogland for a while myself too so sorry not to have popped by much.
Your grandkids look soooooo adorable... I bet you are over the moon when they 'steal' your Who wouldn't be.
Have a fab weekend.
Chris xx

Anonymous said...

Awe June your GC Arre adorable....
Bet they are a delight..TFS:) X