Monday, 25 May 2009

Lavender in my art room

Today i cut the lavender in the garden and tied to dry a bunch. I have hung it up in my art room as its probably the best place for it. My art room by the way is actually a cupboard .. a largish one but still just a cupboard :) so hardly a room but as we only have a small one bedroom flat, i tend to call it a room ... well i sit in there ..

Here is the lavender


lottie said...

That has flowered early - bet it smells wonderful

I haven't been successful today in making anything - other than a bin full of failure LOL

Karen Valentine said...

Hi June! Just dropping by to say hi!! I bet that lavender just fills your room with a lovely aroma! I hope you are doing well, and look forward to seeing you soon on a fun challenge. Take care!1!


Sally H said...

I bet that smells gorgeous! Your craft room sounds great, even if it is a cupboard. My craft space is the end of our lounge, and has taken over our dining table! I do clear it fairly regularly, but only onto a tray to be moved whilst we eat, and then it goes back again! DH is very tolerant!

Genie Sea said...

Lovely! :)

Chris said...

ooooh it will fill your room with a gorgeous fragrance... I can almost smell it.
Careful it doesn't relax you too much though... the smell of lavender always makes me feel could be that I'm just peculiar though.
Chris xx

Anonymous said...

Hey June....Ohhhhhhhhhh I bet it smells sooooooooooo good in there!!! and as long as YOU love your ART Haven that's all that matters!!!! :) Hope you're having a great day!!!

MayJay said...

Hi, Thats flowered a lot earlier than the English lavender I have, mine isn't in flower yet. I cut huge bunches every year. once it dries I shove it into old (clean) pop socks and tie them round the rails in the wardrobe and slats in the airing cupboard. When Claire got married we filled little organza bags with my lavender for all the ladies as little favours.
They were really popular, My SILs and Mikes Mum and StepMum had loads of them, as I had a lot of bags.The lady who altered her dress makes a tiny pouch full of lavender out of the left over fabric from the alterations and gives one to each bride. I think thats a great idea. I gave her a bag of lavender too. Its nice to think something I grew is bringing happy memories to a lot of brides.