Sunday, 24 May 2009

Fun in the sun

well not exactly but i thought i would have another little go at this painting lark and did another jenna type character. This time just her face and I used her on a card ... then i decided she was a bit sad and since i was sat in the sunshine painting her, i decided to shower her with wishes to 'Be Happy'. I might have to draw a series of jenna's as she seems to have just decided to 'arrive' from my pencil and from nowhere ... i didnt even know she existed ... Oh and if you are wondering .... I guess i probably am quite crazy ... but i think it was the sunshine that did it
Hope you all had a lovely day


lottie said...

She is lovely - and I still think she would make a lovely stamp.

Glad you had a nice day

Sally H said...

Beautiful! A stunning card and a wonderful portrait of Jenna! You have created a very expressive character - I think she looks a bit apprehensive

Spyder said...

really lovely card, grrrr-eat image!


jackiescrafts said...

Another great image of Jenna I think she looks pensive
Glad you enjoyed the sunshine today

Sandy said...

Wow this is fantastic. What a great image. Love them.

Jane said...

Hi June,

I like her, she looks like she is thinking about something!
Would love to see some more of Jenna.

Jane :0)

Chris said...

Hey June... Jenna is totally fabulous... way to go. What talent you have :)
Chris xx

Steph said...

You're so talented, June. Love her eyes!