Saturday, 23 May 2009

Meet Jenna

Hi everyone,
Once again I am here without much in the way of art as i have had a lot going on at home.
For those who know me, we have had more news about Adam. He went to hosp yesterday and they have decided they want to operate on the anuerysm. This is very scary for us all and as his mam, you i am sure can understand how i am feeling. On the other hand the risk is also high if it is left to chance so something has to be done. The op will be within the next 2 or three months time. All going well, once this is done he will be able to lead a more normal and less worrying life.

On a brighter note. I have just managed to draw a little cartoon figure. She is JENNA and she is my first ever attempt at cartoon drawing. I had most trouble with the arms .. i obviously need practice but would appreciate your thoughts
Here she is ...


lottie said...

She would make a lovely stamp

jackiescrafts said...

She is lovely June, well done you
hugs Jackie

Sally H said...

Wow! You are so talented! She is lovely! I would love to have her as a stamp, as would my daughter! are you going to do a colour version? Is she a blonde or a redhead?

MayJay said...

She is great June. Keeping an eye on your blog but been short of time as I have been doing some LLB Retro Rose projects for Trimcraft. Its been fun but I sooo wanted to add bits from my stash, lol.
Glad to hear they are going to repair Adams aneurism. I know its frightening, my lovely MIL had hers done some years ago. It was a worry but it gave her back a reasonable quality of life. Still keeping you all in my prayers and sending you good vibes.
Love, Mayxx

Cheryl said...

hun know its late but first time ive had chance to come on line as i am exhausted finished the living room today. Anyway hun great drawing as people have said would make a fab stamp. So glad they are going to operate on your son you are always in my thoughts hun and you know you can always email me or ring me take care sweetheart all my love cheryl xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi June....
Sending lots of loving wishes xxxxxxxx keeping you all in our thoughts..much love to dear Adam..
lots of love:) xxx

Ginny said...

Dear June, Your Jenna is adorable !! You know you and your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers each and every day ! Hugs, Ginny

Fliss said...

Hi June, your cartoon of Jenna is great. No need to worry about the arms as she looks fine to me.
All the best for Adam as I'm sure it must be really difficult to cope with. It always makes you feel so helpless when you can't do anything and have to wait on doctors. Hoping that they manage to sort out the problem. Sending you hugs.

Jane said...

Hi June,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I would like to wish Adam all the best, I am thinking of you all.

As to the weight loss, well I am not sure how much I have lost, as one of the things Pete encorages you to do is not to go on the scales. Having said that its about 3 stone, I have gone down 2 dress sizes. I have been on the programme since January. I would highly recomment it. You can have a free trial run, so see how you get on.

Take care

Jane :0) xx

Jane said...

By the way love the cartoon! Love her hair, a little like mine! lol

Jane :0)

rozzy said...

Hi June
lovely to see you visiting my Blog, and thanks for the wonderful comments. I know how precious your time is lately.
I struggle to keep up with everyone these days, but I wish you well and hope things rae starting to ease at home. I hope you manage to shut yourself away from it all occassionally to get a little 'me' time.
Sending you and your family lots of hugs and i'm thinking of you all.
rozzy xxx

Liz said...

Brill June

Liz x