Sunday, 19 April 2009

Three themes

The second lot of fat pages for the 3 way swap i did went to Siobhan. I am sure she will soon be adding her swaps at her page too and you ought not to miss them as i was the lucky recipient of her magical work as well as Rustycage ( debs ) I am so pleased i did the swap it was a lot of fun.
Anyway here are the ones i made for Siobhan





Flippinpest said...

June, these are wonderful. I love seeing peoples different interpretation of the same subjects. Great swap!

Liz said...

June I am so loving this blogging lark! Its so good to see these lovely makes it really is and the others that are put in same subject
Well done you!
You do know I am a BIG fan
See u when I get back
Liz x

Ozstuff said...

Wow, June. These are magnificent. You must be on a creative roll! The pictures are all so different and unique. I think my favourite has to be the harlequin legs. Great work.

Sandy said...

Wow June these are all wonderful. So many different and fantastic work. Love it.

Deborah said...

Lucky Siobhan! I think Moulin Rouge is my favourite but they are all fantastic. Thanks again June for taking part in my jam. Hope we can do another soon.