Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Anything goes

I made this atc to swap with a friend and i want to say thank you to my lovely friend Cassie as the background on my atc has part of a scanned pic from the lovely Postcard art the Cassie sent me.
Cassie thank you.
This is the atc which also has inks, stamps etc added and layered.
This is for the Daily art stop challenge - anything goes .. hope pink and chocolate does hehe!

To Celebrate spring i also thought i would share one of my poems with you all. I hope you like it.
I Dream of May
(c)J. Macfarlane 2007

In the gloom of winter, I dream of May,
awaiting her touch as she passes this way.
A whisper of warm breath in my hair,
as the May breeze, caresses me there.

Blooming May, like an expectant mother
brimming with beauty, unlike any other.
Softly and suggestively she delivers hope,
of fresh beginnings and new ways to cope.

Earth in May, sports a velvet green gown,
shimmering with dew under a misty down.
Trees are bursting , proud fat and healthy.
Magnificent Oak’s are once again wealthy.

A square field of corn, like buttermilk on gold,
guarded by wild hedges, soldiers, bold.
Hide and seek rabbits playing at dawn,
darting and weaving at the edge of the corn.

May blesses with a kiss, the mysterious wood,
carpeting where once, winter shadows stood.
She sprinkles her magic in most vibrant blues,
with delicate little bluebells in lilac tone hues.

Oh how I dream of May’s maternal embrace.
To bathe in the warmth of early sun on my face.
To walk barefoot and feel the grass on my skin,
inhaling moist woody aroma, deeply within


Diana Evans said...

This is wonderful work June!!! I love the pink and chocolate combination....

thanks for participating in this week's challenge!!

Genie said...

Happy Easter June
Hugs Jean (genie)

Sandy said...

Wow what a wonderful piece of art.
Fantastic work.

lottie said...


Penny Duncan Creations said...

Oh June.....A WONDERFUL ATC.....but better yet... an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL poem!!! You are definately so gifted my friend!!!!
Penny Duncan