Saturday, 11 April 2009

Have you noticed .. (rant .. dont look if ya dont want to hear me sound off )

Ok gonna have a bit of a moan now. (takes deep breath ) Have you noticed that it doesn't matter how hard you work at blogging and when i say blogging i dont mean adding your own text, views and work etc, I mean real blogging where you go to be inspired by other bloggers - where you go to give others some support, interest and love, where you exchange views, share ideas and give of yourself a little time in exchange for knowledge and inspiration and friendship.
So have you noticed that no matter how much of your precious time and thought and care you take to visit and comment on other blogs ..... the lack of reciprical response you get ?

I am proud to say i really 'care' about blogging, about other bloggers, their work and their efforts to share with the rest of us and i do my best on an almost daily basis to visit,read, admire and comment on as many blogs as i can. I belive that the work, the art the thoughts and feelings of my fellow bloggers matters and I will keep on doing this as long and as often as i can.
That being said, not everyone has a lot of time on their hands and i certainly don't expect a response from every comment i make as i DO have the time so i can do that and not everyone can. BUT .... what i find upsetting is that i see some of the blogs with many, many comments from the same people who ignore my own comments. I begin to think maybe my blog is rubbish, maybe my art is rubbish and i get stupidly paranoid .... Yeah i know ... stupid ... and it is but it still happens and it still hurts.
Sooo if you are out there and you find someone has taken time to comment and care about you and your art ( i don't mean me, but anyone who takes precious time out for you ) then when you do get time ... instead of just blogging along with the popular blogs ... pay that person a visit and say hello ? .... go on it will make someone smile and lets face it ... we all need that.

Ok Rant over !!! You can look now hehehe !!!

This new one of mine is dedicated to you


Spotted Sparrow said...

Aww, that's not a good feeling at all! I can't speak for other bloggers, but I know I just don't always have time to respond to each and every comment. I do read them all though, and appreciate everyone who has taken the time to write.

Please, please, please don't let someone else make you feel that way about your art. Regardless of comments, lack of comments, or whatever, your art is fabulous! :)

June said...

Thanks my friend, noooo i am ok i just had a wee rant that was on my mind after i spent two days commenting and enjoying others blogs and got hardly any response to my own work. You are a commenter and i kow how hard it is to find time to comment back for many people i truly dont expect replies at all its only when they find the time to post comments all over the place and miss me out when i have commented lots on theirs that i get down.

Max said...

I understand totally what you're feeling June and have had similar thoughts myself. Some of my recent blog candy winners haven't even let me know if their prizes arrived but were quick enough to make their claims LOL!
I try not to get too disheartened or take it personally but as you say, it's difficult when you see those people posting elsewhere regularly and you wonder if you're maybe wearing an invisibility cloak or something.
I do my best to thank everyone who has taken the time to leave a message, (it's only good manners after all), but sometimes, despite my best intentions, there're just not enough hours in the day.
Keep smiling ... and don't let it get you down :)


June said...

Aww Max thank you too. I don't feel so alone and petty now. What you are doing with your blog is brilliant and its terrible that some of the people have taken your kindness without thanks,
Have a lovely weekend my friend
Hugs June xxx

Steph said...

I know where you're coming from, June but never take it personally. Your artwork is all fantastic and so inspiring, it's truly unique. It is tough when people don't reciprocate your kindness but don't let it affect you or your blogging. Those people are the ones with the problems, not you xx

Cindy said...

Love you Lovey!!!

I commented about this on your "other" blog. Whooops!

hugs my dear friend and I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

hugs hugs hugs

crafty creations said...

Hiya my friend

Sorry you feel like that but I do know exactly what you mean. Your work is stunning and so diverse that I am often inspired by it. I have been a bit slack with my blogging just recently as you know I've just moved home. But, hopefully things have settled down now and I shall be back to paying almost daily visits.

Hugs Hilda

azLizJane said...

Hi June.

I hope it wasn't me that you were referring to. You stopped by my blog and left me a nice message. Thank you for that! I love looking at your blog and reading your witty comments. Something you say ALWAYS makes me grin. I have just recently started a new job and don't have the time I used to have to blog and surf. I am able to squeeze in a few hours here and there on the weekend. Please keep the posts coming!


torpenhow07 said...

June your work is amazing and inspiring, please don't think your work is no good. I love your blog and try to visit as often as I can but I just don't have as much free time to go blogging as I would like.

Faye said...

Hi June, I think some of us have more computer time than others. Living in the US, I'm often number 28 or so in the list of entries. I try to comment on every one of those above my name. Then when others sign on below me, I try to catch them too. However, sometimes after that first batch, I just wait and see if any of the newcomers write to my blog. I often get fewer than 6 or 7 comments to the 40 or so I've left on blogs. There are some that I have commented on every week and have yet to receive a single comment from them. Sometimes I have 2 or 3 challenges a day to do this with. Doesn't leave much time for art.

Ozstuff said...

Hi June - your work certainly isn't rubbish. It's wonderful. I think I might know what the problem is .... you list two blogs as yours but I think you have listed other blogs that you own in the followers' list and this might be confusing to others. I know I have had difficulty finding my way to the appropriate blog when wanting to comment. For example, you left one on my Art Creations Friday entry but I haven't yet found yours!! I will go back and see if I can find it.
Cheers from Marie.

Liz said...

Your work is stunning June I envy ur ability to turn your hand at all and everything and come up tops. I am so sorry if I have been lax and I appreciate your comments on my new blog more than most as this past few months my confidence has taken some very big knocks I am trying to do too many things at once and the truth is I lack time! After the end of May I am going to concentrate more on my blog and my own work, rather than deviding my time on less important things but now I know how you feel I will make sure I take a few mins to comment on your work Just be assured I think your craft pieces, your art, and all you do are brilliant and to boot your a lovely warm person June I am so glad I know you a little

Hugs Liz x

Lottie said...

Love your work - it is so refreshing to visit and see what you have been up too

I do understand where you are 'coming' from in your 'rant'

Dawn said...

June I know exactly what you mean - I love blog hopping but recently what with my new job just haven't managed to get around to it.

Tasha said...

Hey June your blog is not rubbish you have wonderful creations and i lve what you write as well. I know for myself that i have a blogging list of nearly 200 that i adore and have to visit and it takes me the best part of a week to get through it all - add to the fact that we all have personal lives to add to the mix it hard work keeping on top of it at times. Anyway blogging is a creativity outlet, and if people dont comment then it is their loss as they are the ones missing out on your wonderful creations. I know its easier to say but i wouldnt take it personally i comment on nearly 200 people and only get around 20 back - doent bother me its not why i blog - i do it cos i love it lol!
Hope your having a wonderful weekend
love tasha xx