Thursday, 16 April 2009

Thanks for these ...

A huge thank you to my lovely friend Spyder for this gorgeous award. Its such a cute and really nice award to win and i am glad you thought of me :) I will pass it on a little later but in the meantime i am soooo chuffed to recieve this one.

Another of my favourite friends and fellow bloggers has been kind enough to think of me too. I am shocked and thrilled that Jenni has chosen me to pass these fab awards on to and i am so proud to add them to my blog. I shall also pass these on a little later but thank you so much Jenni ... you are an inspiration my friend


Ginny said...

You deserve all and any awards passed on to you !!! Congratulations !! Hugs, Ginny

jackiescrafts said...

These awards are really well deserved June your makes are an inspiration to me
Congratulations my friend

Jenni Hamilton said...

Absolutely well deserved June - you are a great blogging friend!
Jenni x

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi June! Congrats on all your wonderful awards! You are truly deserving of all the love! Thanks for coming to visit! Hope you have a great weekend too!

Lisa :)

maxine said...

Hi June there is something on my blog for you.

jude said...

june theres something on my blogg for you .help yourself especially to the housework

Max said...

Well done on receiving all these awards ... I'm notoriously bad at passing them on(slapped wrist)but I always find it really difficult to nominate people so tend to cop out.