Saturday, 25 April 2009


To all my friends and fellow bloggers. I won't go into details but my life at the moment is pretty scary and pretty full as recent events in my family have happened and i am finding things too hard to cope with in addition to me not being so well myself so i am unable to cope with juggling all the things i do on the internet too including my sites,forum and blogs. This means that for a while ( I don't know how long as i have no way of knowing when things will get better for us all ) I am not going to attempt to keep up and post blogs, freebies and challenges. I am sorry as i do like to try to keep up and have managed ok until now, with the help of Vron and a few other friends here, but this seems like the best thing to do for now as my family needs to come first. I will be back when i feel able to cope. Thanks to all my friends here

June xxx


Max said...

Awwww presh ... So sorry to hear things are so difficult for you at the moment June. It can all get so overwhelming sometimes can't it?
You take all the time you need to deal with what is happening in your life right now ... that is far more important ... and we'll just have to be patient and wait for the time when you feel ready to come back.

You know where I am if you need to offload xx Take care.


Genie said...

Take care June, look forward to hearing from you when you are able.

Sandy said...

Oh what a trubel. Take care June. I´m looking back and I´m so happy when I hearing good news from you.


Liz said...

June so sorry to hear this you know I am there for you anytime I am a good listner and I know exactly how you feel thought I was the only one who got bogged under Life is such a bitch at times But you know I will always be there for you if you need anything What a horrid year you are having

Liz xx

Genie Sea said...

Hugs June! You take care of you sweetheart, and things will fall in their place.

Piddawinkle said...

we'll still be here when you get back, so just take care of you and yours for as long as you need to.

Sally H said...

Hang in there, Honey. We will still be here when you are feeling up to e-socialising again. in the meantime we are sending you hugs xxx

jackiescrafts said...

Have left a comment on your freebies blog
You are in my prayers

Julie said...

Hi June,
So sorry to hear that things aren't good for you at this time. Don't worry about your blogs, or the internet at all, just concentrate on your family. We'll all still be here when you return, or even if you need to talk to someone.
I'll be thinking of you.
Take care.
Julie x

Anonymous said...

June, I'm so sorry to hear about how things are going and I send my prayers and best thoughts for things to ease up. I understand your situation and I sincerely feel for you. Take all the time you need and take good care of yourself. We will be here to welcome you when you are ready to come back! (((A Big 'ol Hug to you))) Serena

Jaqi said...

Oh June, Sorry to hear you are having a trying time, i am thnking about you and hoping you will be ok, take care of yourself , and we will all be here when you are ready to come back, Jaqi x

Flippinpest said...

Just noticed this June, hope things take an upward turn for you soon :-)

Viv's Visuals said...

Not been about much myself this week and have only just read this... keep your chin up June, I hope things improve for you very very soon. xx

Karen Valentine said...

June, You are such a sweet lady. I hope your worries leave you soon, and life gets back to normal. We'll all miss you while you are away! BTW, I know you won't be able to to anything with it for a while, but I left you a good karma award on my blog. Maybe it will help:-)

Steph said...

I feel for you, June. I hope everything is OK with your son. Do take the time to be with your family and concentrate on yourself and have plenty of "me" time too. We'll all be here waiting for your wonderful creations when you get back x

Deborah said...

June, look after yourself and your loved ones - blogs can wait. Take care :-)

Tasha said...

June im so sorry to hear that you and your family are having difficult times right now. I do hope things sort themselves out and that your health improves. No that i care and ill be thinking of you. Ill keep an eye out on your blog for when you return.
Take care of yourself
love tasha xx

Cheryl said...

Hi sweetie have only just got my blog so am still finding my feet. You know I am a follower of your fantastic work you are such a special lady.
You take care of yourself and get yourself sorted soon take things one day at a time.
thinking of you lots love cheryl xxxxx