Tuesday 30 June 2009


Foxfox is my latest fairy. He is completely digital

picture and details copyright J. Macfarlane 2009

Name Foxfox
Birthday June 27th
Role - Storyteller
Flower Foxglove

Monday 29 June 2009

Fairy number 2

So all those intentions went with the wind ... one fairy a day ? Hmmm well i should have checked with life first, that was just a bit too optimistic. I shall have to do catch up with the fairies as i go.
I have had the most busy weekend and found it impossible to get any time to play until today and even today has been hectic but i have spent the last two hours finishing my book fairy which is a collage on encaustic background.

the following picture and details copyright june macfarlane 2009

Name Pinkpetal
Birthday June 28th
Role gatherer of roses

Friday 26 June 2009

Back on track

Todays collage atc is for someone special, i wont say who but it was lovely to make this one.
Its called Celtic Queen. Hope you like it. Now though i have migraine so off for a rest. Be back later.

ps, see post below as this is second today .. wow am i back !! all this posting hehe !!

I am back with art

As many of you know, i have had a difficult year and the last few weeks i have not done very much blogging. My interpretation of blogging is 'Sharing' and i love to blog hop and to be inspired by the wonderful art of my fellow bloggers. I have done little of this as i have been needed at home a lot due to circumstances.
Adam my son is now in his first week after his op and doing well. I am thrilled and although we are still helping out with the children etc, i feel i can get back into my art a little more and my blogging too. I shall be slowly but surely checking in with you all so if you havent seen me in a while at your blog, you will soon :)

One of my favourite talented mixed media artists is the lovely Marsha Salver Jorgensen from Tumblefish Studio's. Marsha and I had a brief discussion a while back ( virtually of course ) on backgrounds and collage. Marsha enjoys the collage and i prefer to make the backgrounds ... dream team or what !!! hehe. Well what we decided was that we would both enjoy a collaboration just for fun. I sent Marsha some atc backgrounds and Marsha who lives in USA worked her magic on them and returned them to me. Imagine my thrill to find not only these amazing collage fairies on the three backgrounds, but also a stunning collage in a frame that Marsha made for me. I cannot tell you just how much more amazing they are when you look at them physically rather than a photo. My camera could not do this beautiful collage justice.
Marsha i feel honoured to have worked on these art pieces with you and i will treasure them and display your beautiful work with pride. Thank you.

Here they all are. Three atc's - backgrounds by june macfarlane & collage by Marsha S Jorgensen. Framed collage by Marsha Jorgensen

Wednesday 24 June 2009

For you

There is a bonus freebie on my art freebies blog for all my friends as a thank you for all your wonderful comments and for following my blog. I hope you will like it

Monday 22 June 2009

2nd post today

well i had to post when i finished this frame. Its a mini plastic frame that i altered using ink and embossing powders and distorting the hot melted copper and pink powders as i went using various tools to move it around.
The image is collaged with inks,papers,stamps and image of bird & mini flower.

Hello everyone

The wanderer returns :)

I am back to play i hope. I am thrilled to say my son had his operation on the anuerysm last thursday and it was a success. It was a very frightening time and we are so relieved. On Saturday he was allowed home to his young family. We have been kept extremely busy throughout and helped Adam settle in. Today i am home and rang to check up like any mother would do but then found i finally had a little time on my hands so i made something new ... it was lovely to play again and have just done a little light crafting and made this card. Its mainly for the choc and mint challenge at my forum
While i am here though, i would like to say thanks to all my friends for their birthday wishes, cards, support, friendship and much much more. I have some fabulous friends at my forum, Trimcraft forum and here on the blogs. I love you all and without all of you, this year would have been much worse to get through .... you have kept my chin up

Friday 19 June 2009

News from me

My son Adam had his operation yesterday ( embolisation ) and is still on the high dependency ward but is doing well and the operation was a success. I am spending most of my days at the hospital right now but will be back to update when i can.
In the meantime thanks for all your lovely comments.

This was the cake Adam made for my 50th at the weekend

Saturday 13 June 2009

Lots to do Princess

I made this one for the Lots to do challenge which is an open challenge this week. I would have loved to have time to do last weeks with the charms but it wasnt to be. Anyway here is this weeks offering

Princess has a small altered frame ( tesco ) which has been sanded and then inked with various and randomly embossed in gold. I also randomly stamped the word princess on the frame in stazon.

The image is a transfer on fabric which has been painted in lemon acrylic paint. Added the word princess in black stazon on this too. I loved the aged,effect this has and the way the fabric weave shows.

6 th challenge

Susie from 1st floor flat nominated me as one of her 6 for the 6 by 6 challenge. This is fun so thanks Susie.

This is what it's all about:
  • Go to the 6th folder of your pictures
  • Find the 6th picture and tell a story about it
  • List 6 other bloggers you’d like to see participate (NO obligation)
( copied that bit hehe )

Ok here is my sixth photo from the correct folder which was my jewellery makes folder
This is a stampbord necklace i made last year using recycled jewellery etc.

Now for my nominations ... well i have a similar game on my forum so i wont ask anyone from the forum
So here are some others (randomly chosen from my wonderful list of blogger friends ) who I think/ hope wont mind playing along
Marie at Ozstuff
Bethanne at sweet tea and pickles
Stef at Glitterbabe greetings
Sally from Crafty Salutations
Beth Jaffe from Queen of cups
Chris from Bling-kin-eck

Hope you all dont mind

Thursday 11 June 2009

Faith & Flourish

I won the Crafty Pad sketch challenge last week and was thrilled to get a wonderful stamp as a prize. The stamp is one of their 'Faith' series and she is gorgeous and chic'
This is the first time i have used the stamp and I also used the blog candy goodies ( velvet flourish & Tombow markers ) that were in the fabulous blog candy that my lovely friend Stef sent me ... do go and see her great blog too its HERE

I would like to submit this one for the Flourish challenge at Theme Thursday

Stamps. stazon, Tombow markers, & sakura pen

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Cabinet card background

I made this from the lovely freebies given by Susie at 1st floor flat
Susie left some great cab cards that i just couldnt resist trying out. Here is my play using image printed and cut, wide blue ribbon inked & silver rub in colour for shine and dreamy effect. Pens and more ink for bits and bobs & details

Monday 8 June 2009


TMTA Have a fab prompt this week ... in fact its one i couldnt resist

Magical ATC
images from www.dezinaworld.com

Childhood friends

Sometimes i just need to get my hands dirty creating. When i make an arch i tend to begin with no ideas, nothing. then i stare at the arch and often the shape speaks to me ... ( yeah crazy woman here ) But its true and i begin to build from there ... The childhood friends theme never surfaced until half way through the arch and much paint and tissue and images had then been added.
Anyway here it is

childhood friends
Drawing, additions to pics and patterns ( pens and acrylics and tiny amount of glitter glue )
kitchen tissue ( white area background left plain )
images ( various )
Stamp & Stazon black ( for the face in background )
scroll (psp tube plus text)
newsprint numbers ( racing page of newspaper lol )
music sheet ( real one from old book then painted in various shades )
Edging and various parts of pic ( metallic rub on colours )

Sunday 7 June 2009


I loved the image at artarazzi and wanted to have a little digi play so here is the result ... awww such a dickensian sadness here .. The image we were given was here ( the little fella on the left )

Saturday 6 June 2009

Torn Recycled Paper Rose ATC

Here I go again, had this idea and it had to be tried so this is the result of my idea to make a torn paper rose in antique pink.

The rose is just layers of torn magazine paper which i have played with, rolled,painted and then glossed with a little deep mica pigment for accent

The background is acrylic layers and crackle glaze in pale dirtied pink and pale dirtied blue
I then distressed more by pulling away bits around the edge

The image is one of my own collection and the butterfly is a tiny enamel pale pink one from a broken necklace i recycled

The whole thing including the base card is recycled products ( cept the image which i had printed ages ago )

Friday 5 June 2009

Thank God its friday - Dream

This weeks TGIF challenge is Dreams
This is my Dream arch.
Papers, stamps,acrylics,embellishments, pen and water colour

Timeless birthday

With one coming up soon, I wish birthdays were timeless .. especially this big one ( shhh!!! )
Anyway this card is for a sketch at The Crafty Pad I am not used to sketches so if its wrong, i am sorry but i did my best. I hope they will accept it anyway
Thanks to the ladies there, i did have fun with this and it took my mind of things for a little while this morning.
Hope you like it , wow i can't believe i have done another card .. i never do cards normally

Thursday 4 June 2009

People in hats

The theme over at Theme Thursday is people in hats. I had a little time to myself this evening so i altered a domino for this one.
Here he is :)

Awwww a sad tale of missing shoes

A gift for Binibleaux. A wonderful blog candy opportunity ( see my sidebar ) and a bit of fun in return. I made this graphic for Boni ( please see my art freebies blog for the original image which is one of the freebies today, link in sidebar )

Wednesday 3 June 2009

My Sisters card

Using the wonderful candy from Stef and the flowers from Nora (see previous blog ) and also some gorgeous prima flowers that i got from another very special friend Jude, I made this card for my sister today.

Cards, candy and flowers

Its my sisters birthday coming up this week and i wanted to make her a card.
This coincided with the postman coming along and delivering me the most beautiful candy that stef sent me all the way from america. I was stunned and thrilled at all this wonderful, wonderful things. They are just amazing and it felt just like my birthday came two weeks early ... especially when i also recieved this gorgeous card which is beautifully made and stamped with a delicate fave of mine, a pretty blue bird.
Just look at all that candy its superb and the pens were just what i have been planning on buying so i am thrilled :)
Stef the candy is fabulous thank you so much but even bigger thanks for the thing that means the most to me ... our wonderful new friendship. In addition to that i got some gorgeous hand made cotton flowers from my friend Nora who also makes clothes for dolls and all kinds of little creatures and other things ... Oh it was a lovely day. Nora thanks to you too my dear friend these are just more gorgeous than i imagined.
Apart from that i finally went to see the doc about my health probs and need to go for a chest x ray tomorrow so please wish me luck.

Here are the pics of my beautiful card and candy from stef

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Card Blue & brown

This is just a card i made from scraps again.
Layers and bird stamps and image pluse little flower embellishments. Plus a piece of beaded lace

Monday 1 June 2009

Torn Paper collage

This was todays make. A wonderful blogging friend of mine Sally introduced me to art trader which has an article on whimsical art. I am hoping that this fits in that category. If not i at least enjoyed my little torn paper collage and had fun with the rainbow and the sky especially.

Base is Altered book page using acrylic in sky blue & white plus my sakura pens for hearts and rainbow
The rest is built on torn scrapes of card and paper taken from my stock.