Friday 31 October 2008

October Red Feather Award Winner

This months winning art is an atc by Jane. This amazing work has depth, quality, fabulous colour and imagery and I fell in love with the textured look of this one.
Jane this is amazing !!!!
You are awarded the RED FEATHER award and you may now display this on your blog
Here is the award & art work by Jane

Sunday 26 October 2008

Paper Beads

My newest fascination is with trying to make all kinds of things from my large collection of paper and also from recycled materials. I kind of get bored with just one thing after a short while so i move on. Today i moved on to paper beads ... These are the results of my days work. The tubular beads are the ones I made and have added some plastic ones in just for display. It was a lot of fun and will be doing some more of these.

Thursday 23 October 2008

Gothic Arch Book

I am quite taken with the gothic arch shapes and decided to make one myself, then another and another etc and decided to make them into a book in the end. The front cover is the fairy arch and shows the ribbon and bead ties and the rest are the inner pages which are decorated on both sides so in all there are ten pages in total. I have enjoyed this project very much and may do more books or maybe some arches in frames. Only time will tell ....

Tuesday 7 October 2008

Nominations 'RED FEATHER AWARD '

See previous posts for details on how to nominate for this award please

I decided to nominate the first work myself as i was truly impressed with this one of Coffee by Jane check it out and i am looking for three or more nominations so please let me have your nominations asap
Hugs June xxxx

Monday 6 October 2008

Well i have been really busy crafting lately using different techniques including alcohol inks, and a little texturing, embossing etc. Mainly on the backgrounds. Have been working on one today with oils but needs more time to dry.
Here are a couple of things i have made using the above materials


Just a reminder ..... Over at my crafting forum I have a brand new competition running throughout October. This is an atc competition and you are allowed to enter as many atc's as you like on the theme of

There is a crafting stash prize going to the lucky winner so pop over and get posting

Friday 3 October 2008

Another couple of atc's

These are my latest atc's. Dont forget to please help me find a new winner for the red feather award (see post for yesterday )

Wednesday 1 October 2008

Help Please !!! RED FEATHER

Ok I have been looking around for a new 'Red Feather ' award to give out but ....
i have a good few that deserve the award and am struggling so have decided to enlist your help if possible
The award is for a single work of art, be it : atc,altered art,card,painting ...anything at all

From today i am looking for nominations from other bloggers so please could you help me by nominating someone for the award ???? I would like at least 4 nominations before an award can be given to the artist.
You may nominate any piece of work, whether you know the person or not and even if its your own work but i will be looking at all nominations before giving the 'Red Feather' award and maybe will be taking a vote on them too
Thanks in advance
June xxxx