Saturday 28 February 2009

Painting therapy

As many of you know, I have been through the most traumatic time of my life this last week or so. My son is home now and I feel so blessed to have him home with is young family. It continues to be a very worrying time and i believe it will be like this for a long time. Today I have spent time at home alone and apart from cooking i wanted to try and channel myself into something creative and therapuetic. I felt the need to paint and no direction other than where the paint would take me. I chose mixes of watercolours and a little of acrylics and painted these two small paintings on watercolour paper.
I found it very calming and felt good that i decided to fight myself against not having anything creative in my mind to start with and just let the brush and the paint do their own thing.
Anyway here is the result.

Tuesday 24 February 2009


Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to tell you that my son is in hopsital. He had a stroke on Friday night. We have been with him since then and he is improving and i feel so blessed. I thank God for the miracle we have right now.
I wanted to let you all know that i will be back when i can to update all of my blogs but right now i wont be around often
Sending hugs to all my friends here
June xxxxxxxx

Monday 16 February 2009

Butterfly arch 'wings'

Butterfly arch for the Lots to do challenge 'wings'. I chose butterflies instead of angel or fairy wings because i am enjoying that theme at the moment.
The flower is hand painted and the butterflies are stamped.
The background is a collage of shaving foam and food colouring technique swirls on paper and news paper print with paint. stazon ink and daffodil stamps at the bottom and edges


Well i shared this with my lovely friend Cindy this morning and thought as i have no art today so far , i would blog this poem of mine here too lol. Its an old one written about two years ago
hope it makes you smile.

Tea Vicar? (c) J. Mac 2007

Heaven help me,

I 'm in a quandry,

A dilemma, what to do?

The vicar you see,

was coming to tea,

so I baked a cake or two.

Trying to save time,

I opened the wine,

for later - well that was the plan.

It was after I had it tasted,

that I'm afraid I got wasted,

and viewed the vicar as a man.

He was polite and sweet,

when I massaged his feet,

and fed him with cherry cake.

Then I asked him to dance,

in a mood for romance,

then kissed him for goodness sake.

Like a fly he was stuck

and out of luck

as we swayed to rythm and blues.

see? thats when I blew it,

yep I asked him to do it,

the church or me he must choose.

His expression, perplexed,

it was what happened next,

that has put me in such a state.

He agreed we would wed,

was so easily led,

then kissed me and set the date.

Oh lord hear my plea,

I was drunk don't you see?

should have left the poor soul in peace.

For I'm still on remand,

for bigamy and,

I haven't a date for release.

Sunday 15 February 2009

Eygptian Queen Pendant

I made this one for the monthly prize challenge at creationsbyjj
Its also going into my paperjewellery site Its an Eygptian Queen pendant in mixed media & collage elements.

Flutterby & Lighthouse

An atc that i made usinggolds, greens and copper paints on textured card for the background and vintage butterfly stamps and inks and pens for butterfly and a little foam to lift the wings slightly

The second one is a stencilled Lighthouse that i have made using polyfiller ( yep thats right ) Me and my whacky experiments hehehe. I used the polyfiller with paints and inks and then sealed to stop it from crumbling. I liked the 3d effect it gave

Saturday 14 February 2009

Soartful Chocolat

I made this one for my challenge of 'Chocolat' over at Soartful
Also for The Hearts challenge at Gothic Arches
Hope you like it.
The choclate kind of flourish and eiffel tower were made using copper embossing powders and triple embossing then stamping


I made this one for the digital challenge Me, myself and I over at artarazzi

Thursday 12 February 2009

Nothing New

For the Nothing New challenge i made this altered notebook

Old Notebook
Card covering from old christmas card
Old Stamps were passed on to me by my best friend Jo
Flower sacking motifs from old birthday card topper
Picture from old magazine

Two for challenges

This one is for artarazzi

This one is for the Idea of the week over at Creations By JJ forum

Wednesday 11 February 2009

playing with my new stamps

Elvis on Velvet

Ok so i got carried away with shave foam lol. this one is done with food colourings and an untreated card stock as the ink is differnt. I love the effect though.
See what ya think
Stamps are done in stazon black ( my fave )

Shaving foam technique

Both of these have a shaving foam technique background ( thanks to the Technique Zone and my lovely friend Hilda for brilliant tutorial ) The 'Last Summer ' one with trees has added detail as i saw such a beautiful scene in the swirls and just had to go with that and work with it and on it. I saw a magical scene of trees and sky and just added pens and embossing in freehand to enhance a little. The feather cap lady atc is just basic collage with feather,pen and image

Back in the land of the living

I was taken to a horrid place around last thursday, friday as i ended up with the nasty flu virus that is hitting everyone. I should have gone and got the flu jab ages ago but didnt bother and soooo i have myself to blame i guess for how ill i have been. Anyway i have done nothing, been nowhere and feel like a week has been stolen from me and its just nice to have the energy to come and say hello to everyone. I hope i will get some crafting done today and hoping to keep increasing that energy and getting well.
Will join back in with blogging art soon
Hugs to all my blogging friends

Friday 6 February 2009

Green Lady

This mystical creature is my green lady of cardboard. Background is torn cardboard pieces, painted and coloured and stamped and rndom embossed

Milagros Heart

Over at Bigartadventure the theme is a lovely one 'Milagros hearts' Check it out for yourself.
This is one i made. I enjoyed the challenge
Mine is set on stampbord that has been alcohol inked and embossed and the heart has a childs face stamped in Stazon

Friendship Friday Postcard

from moi !! hope its ok Its an altered post card made just for the fun !

Thursday 5 February 2009

One Powerful Hour - Ocean

Todays challenge at 'One Powerful Hour ' was to make something which is 'Ocean' orientated
I chose to choose traditional colours and theme but with non traditional techniques
I wanted the water to look 'wet' So i began by painting the whole are of this atc with an acrylic in sea green metalic then I added a mix of purple/blue and green fantasy fibre which i fused into a sheet and then glued down onto the background. I then added my stamped mermaid just for fun and then got my glue gun out for the watery effect which i just dragged the hot glue across and moved around and then left to set. I added a bottom of the ocean in mixed seed beads on hot glue too.

Wednesday 4 February 2009

Caught in a web

Hehehe .. I know i posted the other web collage today but then i got carried away with that web mask and decided to do this one too 'Catching Fae' I wrapped her up in this lovely fantasy fibre and attached her to the web

Mixed Media collage

This is one i made today as i wanted to use my new Tm Holtz spider web mask.

This one is all about exploring your creativity wherever it takes you.