Saturday, 29 November 2008

Turtle Dove

Turtle Dove card I made . This was quite a bit different from my usual style. I had fun making this.
The dove is carrying the turtle charm and is made by stamping and embossing the turtle then adding to a cut out oval which i edged in silver and layered upon the card with added ribbon


Claireabelle said...

Gorgeous card June, those glitter strips on the card just make me want to have a feel!

Anonymous said...

I've got a bunch of windows open, checking out all your lovely blogs! Thanks for stopping by mine. (Guess what? of all the food we have on thanksgiving - pumpkin pies isn't one. It's not on my families Italian cuisine menu LOL). I'm really enjoying your work!

Tasha said...

June i think this card is really lovely, and the colours make it very striking its a real piece of art

Dawn said...

Oh! How beautiful June!

Pattie said...

Beautiful card June,WOW i cant keep up with you lol xx