Monday, 1 December 2008

Fisherboy Vintage

This is my vintage card for cupcake challenge by Steph.

Thought i would make a mans card for and added challenge. I always think its so hard to make them and it will come in handy in my box of ready cards :)
I have added a tutorial on distressing the image and card on my
Junes crafty tips blog.
Thanks for the challenge Steph , I enjoyed it :)


Dawn said...

Hiya June

Wow these are amazing - had a look at the cupcake challenge today but haven't got round to it yet and I love vintage too!


torpenhow07 said...

june just love this, love the vintage look but not sure where to start myself. Will go look at your tutorial now

Anonymous said...

What a sweet card! I agree that it's harder to make stuff for men. Good idea about making a box of cards to have ready as occasions arise.

Thanks for checking out my blog and for your lovely comments! You may not have seen this (I'd posted about it a few weeks ago). I think you'd really appreciate it. Go to this link and download 4 FREE (TOTALLY FREE) issues of ArtTrader magazine. They're between something like 30 and 58 pages each - CHOCK FULL of techniques and FULL COLOR photos!!

Lauren said...

Great Card, thank you for joining in this week. xx

Glycérine said...

Great !! :)

Steph said...

Wow, I'm so glad you joined in seeing as you're the professional at arty/vintage style! To do a male card as well is really hard but it's fab. Love the gorgeous frame and the distressed paper. Will be popping along to your tutorial to see how it's done! x