Monday, 17 November 2008


In search of the most amazing art pieces, i tend to make this award VERY EXCLUSIVE , I don't give the award out very often and i don't allow it to be passed on. Why ? because i believe it needs to be kept for the very best art we can find in blogging land and for individual works. I do encourage nominations for this award though so please do leave me a link if you think a piece of work deserves this special award.
I have though, found one that i believe you will agree with me is a fine example of great and individual art. Its an atc by Flippinpest (Val ) and this is it.Here is your award too Val. CONGRATULATIONS !!!
Please feel free to say well done to her here or at her blog.
Thanks June


torpenhow07 said...

This is a fantastic ATC I love it.
The award is well deserved.
Congratulations Val

Dawn said...

Hi June
Well it's certainly worthy of your award - it is stunning.

Flippinpest said...

Wow June, thanks so much for this award and also thanks to the ladies above for their comments :-)

MayJay said...

What a lovely idea. Well done Val, its a great ATC and you sooo deserve this honour. Mayxx