Friday, 28 November 2008

Hot Glue Art

Be Still

In the blended line between conciousness and sleep you can find me.
There lies the land where my soul walks,
leaving footprints sure and deep.

Strength and sureness,power and revelation are felt,
eyes glimpse the truth, and my feet know the way.
Yet as I sink or rise from either side that hazy place
I am lost in worlds surreal and dangerous, unsteady and fragile.
A waking world, and a world of sleep?
One they call truth, one they swear is a lie,
neither a place of safety, nor one where I really reside.
Either side of my peaceful plain,

I spin like a top in the harsh winds of time,
thrashed by the whip of uncertainty,
and thrown back and forward untill....
I reach the tranquil line and sink within soft folds of temporary calm.

This is an atc i wanted to make for a while. I use a hot glue technique which i have added to my crafty tips blog in a tutorial

In addition to the above atc i also made this one with the wonderful background for


Flippinpest said...

Fantastic June..similar to the colours on my desert sand but completely diff technique. I like the swirly effect :-)

vintage wil said...

beautiful atc,great image !!!
Thanks for this lovely
entry to Art Creations Friday.

Faye said...

Beautiful entry for the art creations friday challenge.

Femmy said...

great atc!!! love it!!

Anonymous said...

Its gorgeous

Glycérine said...

Hi, thanks for your comments.. I m here to follow your blog now.. and I found everythings are amazing.



stamp and scrape said...

Fabulous atc! Love the way you picked out the warmer tones from the background.

MayJay said...

sensational June, you always manage to make me say "Wow". Mayxx

Virginia said...

Wonderful ATC

Anonymous said...

wow gorgeous and something different from the norm

Marleen said...

This is great, beautiful work, I love the colors!!

torpenhow07 said...

Love these atcs June they are really great the one for artcreationsfriday ia fab I just love the colours and the way you have picked out the background colour in the flowers

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Great hot glue technique, wonderful pieces!

Steph said...

Oooh these look great! Love the hot glue one- so unusual! Cupcake Craft Challenge is set by me this week and is vintage so if you feel like having a go...! x

Dawn said...

Wow Stunning!!!
Will be checking out your tutorial June!

Sally said...

Great work - very interesting techniques.

Catharina Maria said...

Beautiful work !