Monday, 8 June 2009

Childhood friends

Sometimes i just need to get my hands dirty creating. When i make an arch i tend to begin with no ideas, nothing. then i stare at the arch and often the shape speaks to me ... ( yeah crazy woman here ) But its true and i begin to build from there ... The childhood friends theme never surfaced until half way through the arch and much paint and tissue and images had then been added.
Anyway here it is

childhood friends
Drawing, additions to pics and patterns ( pens and acrylics and tiny amount of glitter glue )
kitchen tissue ( white area background left plain )
images ( various )
Stamp & Stazon black ( for the face in background )
scroll (psp tube plus text)
newsprint numbers ( racing page of newspaper lol )
music sheet ( real one from old book then painted in various shades )
Edging and various parts of pic ( metallic rub on colours )


Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

I love all of your use of texture and color! What a beautiful presentation!
thanks also for all the kind words on my blog; it's wonderful to have friends that care, isn't it?!

Sandy said...

Wow great collage.
Looks really beautiful. Love them.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

wow. i always wondered how this was done. sounds hard, but you make it look easy. it's gorgeous.


sam21ski said...

Fantastic textured arch and I just love the way you get stuck in with no idea of what it's going to look like - well, it's fab xxx

Cheryl said...

another fantastic collage hun you are so great at these hope you are okay hun take care hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

lottie said...

Its lovely June. Its great when something evolves naturally and you don't have to strive really hard for an idea.

I am busy outside up the allotment at the moment, whilst we have rain and cloud - perfect weather for me.

Chris said...

Never a truer word was spoken... I just love that sentiment.

Such a lot of wonderful detail in your arch June... I love all of the layers and those gorgeous images you used :D
Chris xx

Sandie said...

Wonderful collage June,in fact it's brilliant,love the theme too.

Hugs Sandie x

Max said...

I am totally 'pants' at mixed media art (I have dabbled and discarded LOL)... but my admiration for those who can achieve harmony in their artwork is unbounded ... and lady you are definitely UP THERE!!