Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Cards, candy and flowers

Its my sisters birthday coming up this week and i wanted to make her a card.
This coincided with the postman coming along and delivering me the most beautiful candy that stef sent me all the way from america. I was stunned and thrilled at all this wonderful, wonderful things. They are just amazing and it felt just like my birthday came two weeks early ... especially when i also recieved this gorgeous card which is beautifully made and stamped with a delicate fave of mine, a pretty blue bird.
Just look at all that candy its superb and the pens were just what i have been planning on buying so i am thrilled :)
Stef the candy is fabulous thank you so much but even bigger thanks for the thing that means the most to me ... our wonderful new friendship. In addition to that i got some gorgeous hand made cotton flowers from my friend Nora who also makes clothes for dolls and all kinds of little creatures and other things ... Oh it was a lovely day. Nora thanks to you too my dear friend these are just more gorgeous than i imagined.
Apart from that i finally went to see the doc about my health probs and need to go for a chest x ray tomorrow so please wish me luck.

Here are the pics of my beautiful card and candy from stef


Lottie said...

Oh my golly gosh - what a treasure - just the tonic you need

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Oh June, you are soooo very welcome and I sure hope your birthday is the best yet - which is today!!! So happy birthday my friend, and you're right, the best gift is a new friendship.

big, big hugs.

Max said...

Oooooh ... you lucky girl.
Hope you're feeling better and the x ray went well.