Monday, 22 September 2008

Group Art

For absolutely ages i have looked for a local town group with similar interests to mine and finally i have found one. In fact it was pretty much by accident and it was while i was having my hair cut that i met someone who knew someone .... i am sure you know how it goes. Anyway I will join them mid week and see what it is like but its pretty good because they are looking for some new ideas, new blood and something a little different from basic water colours, acrylics and such so i shall be introducing them to atc's, embossing etc as they havent heard of it .... oh what fun !!!! hehehe

Other than that , this week has been really busy for me and not a lot of crafting or art searching going on so i shall post just these three atc's and hope to bring you a new 'Red Feather' award winner a bit later this week