Saturday, 13 September 2008

Embossing a Scene

This is my very first attempt at this but i love embossing so much and have had a good years love affair with the art hehe :) so i wondered how easy it was to create a complete scene using just inks, embossing pen, powders and stamp pad. As i currently only have one embossing pen in clear i decided to try a snow scene first.

I began with an atc sized card in navy blue and then stamped straight from the pad randomly up the card from bottom of the atc. I then used the pen to fill in the details and embossed in white. Then i added small details like the little house and trees in the background and embossed again. I used a tiny amount of brown to make these stand out. To enhance the snowy mounds i highlighted parts (or low lighted hehehe ) in a powder mix of lilac,white & miscellaneous spills which i keep for just such things.