Saturday, 28 August 2010

Lots to do - fairies or angels

 Hi all well I went for the interview at a place where you paint pottery and help people to paint their own, children and adults. The guy wanted someone artistic ... I was thrilled at the thought of working there as it suited my disabilities i thought. Until i got there and apparently the job was not only in the pottery section but it involved, cooking, cleaning, helping out with childrens parties, office work, promotion and apparently keeping the staff in order. all for £6.00 an hour.... and there were stairs up to the cafe bit which is one thing i cant do. So guess who refused the job ? Yep ... aww well it was not my dream job after all.

Here is my piece for this weeks fab Lots to do challenge .... I had fun so thanks to the great team at Lots to do for your inspiration.All images and text are my own from Dezinaworld

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johanna said...

i love this fresh green that surrounds your garden fairy!

Fliss said...

Sorry to hear about the job problems June and hope you manage to find another one that's suitable for you.
Just adore what you made for Lots To Do, the colours and style are stunning.
Hope you're having a good weekend, we've finally got a gorgeous sunny day so thanks for sending it our way lol
Hugs, Fliss xxx

Lisa M Griffin said...

Ugh, disappointing to get excited about a position that isn't as perfect as one hoped... been there myself and can relate.
Thanks for sharing your work, love the richly layered green in this piece.

georgina said...

love your stuff June and did they want a pound of flesh too,£6 an hour huh!!! luv Georginaxx

Karen said...

What a shame June! Sounds like they need a general dogsbody instead of an artist tho. Something will come along for you my lovely.

Love the colour green you have used for this...lovely work XXX

Junibears said...

Sounded as if they only wanted a 'dogsbody'!!
Love your picture June.
Keep well.Hugs xx

crafty creations said...

Sorry the job didn't turn out to be what you'd hoped June

Love this little fairy and that gorgeous colour

Thanks for sharing with the lotstodo Challenge x Hilda

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Wow, fantastic colour, love the fresh green.

sam21ski said...

It really annoys me when they do that June, advertise one thing and then when you get there it's completely different, what is the point, it's a waste of both your time and theres!!!

Anyway back to your stunning green fairy piece, just love it, stick with the craft, who needs a job anyway - lol!!!!

Chris said...

Hi June, you made a good decision re: the job. Everything happens for a reason.
Love your fairy, fabulous colours. Try to keep as cheery as this card.
Hugs, Chris

Jaqi said...

I love your Garden fairy the colours are divine. Im sorry the job wasnt as it first seemed , but im sure something better will come along, fingers crossed for you

Zoechaos said...

Gorgeous fairy, is she the one that brought us all the recent rain? LOL it sure is green where she is LOL Thank you for sharing with us at LTD this week, always a pleasure to see you.

Shame about the job but you found out before committing and there will be something for a woman of your talents just looking to find you. xx Zoe

mommabear said...

What a beautiful fresh fairy piece
love the colour
Thanks for sharing with the lotstodo Challenge xx Alison

peggy gatto said...

This is a big wow, I love your art here!!!