Friday, 10 July 2009

Important news for those who know me

Hi all, i was admitted to hospital yesterday with chest pain and kept overnight. They believe i have some stomach problems and need some tests doing and have given meds but home now and ok.
I have also had word about my craft forum and Al is working hard to get it back online but it may be a few days, please, please hang in there ladies and check again from sunday for it being online again, I would hate to lose you all as we have all become such good friends.
I am off for a lie down now as didnt sleep in the hospital and i will update again tomorrow

Hopealso that all my blogging friends are ok and please everyone do leave a message .. i need some cheering up, thanks for all your lovely comments on my atc's, i will blog hop properly soon.
hugs June


Genie said...

Hi June
sorry to hear your news, Take care and get well soon,
Big Hugs and good wishes from Devon.

Dazie said...

June make sure you take care of yourself. Will definitely be back on the forum when its up and running, just think we will have lots of crafty goodness to share and catch up on !

((HUGS)) thinking of you

Jennie said...

you keep well now and hope you feel better soon

Jenni said...

Oh June - you've definitely had more than your fair share to deal with recently! I hope that whatever is bothering you turns out to be very minor and easily sorted. Take extra care of yourself, wishing you a relaxed weekend : )
Jenni x

blackdragon said...

I really hope you feel better soon... get plenty of sleep... or at least rest.
God bless love lynx

sam21ski said...

Sorry to hear of your news June

Hope you soon feel better and are up and about again

Hugs - Sam xxxx

lottie said...

Perhaps all that has been going on these past months have taken it's toll on you. Have a nice rest, and don't rush to blog hop or even post. Take your time for some R and R - hope that you are soon back to your perky self soon

Nicks said...

hope you are feeling better soon xxx

Jaqi said...

You take care and we will be here when you feel better. Make sure you get plenty of rest and get well soon, Jaqi x

Sally H said...

Hope they can sort you out quickly and painlessly, hun. Hope you will be back on form very soon. In the meantime take as much rest and recouperation as you need - You know we will still be here when you are well again. Hugs xxx

Meikoningin said...

The body has its own methods of letting you know you need to take time to rest and heal and usually they are not the most subtlest of ways. Rest assured that there are many people thinking about you and include you in their prayers. There are many positive thoughts floating your way right now and i hope you sense them because love and friendship (even the kind you find in the vitual world) have a healing power which is so great that noone can deny it. I wish you well and hope to see you online again soon.

Deborah said...

June, I am sending healing vibes your way. Look after yourself and try not to worry.
Deb xx

Janet said...

I've been busy for a few days and haven't been blogging so it was a surprise to come hear and learn about your illness....but hopefully everything is ok now. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Nona said...

Oh June please look after yourself.

Huge Hugs
Nona :-)

jackiescrafts said...

Hi June, so sorry to hear you have been unwell, please take care and get plenty of rest
Will pray for you for a speedy diagnosis and rapid recovery
Hugs Jackie x

Piddawinkle said...

hey jude, dont make me sad, be a good girl and just get beeetttteeerrrr :)

well I hope it made you smile June, ook after yourself and get better soon. Pidd