Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Creations forum down

This is just a note for all my friends at creationsbyjj forum.
The host for the forum has suspended for the moment but Al our Tech guy is trying to get it sorted out and it should be back up as soon as he can get it sorted out. I am so sorry for all the inconvenience. I have my grandaughter sick in hospital at the moment so didnt know until today. Please could you also let everyone know who you have contact with as i dont have contact with everyone via email etc.
Thanks June


Dazie said...

Hi June I hope you grandaughter will be ok Thinking of you!

I tweeted al last night on twitter as I wasn't sure he was even aware of what had happened but I think he is working hard to solve it. Fingers crossed it will be back and running soon I am having serious withdrawl I neeeedd to see the forum lol!!

((HUGS)) Dazie

Sandie said...

Hello June.....Sorry to hear your grandaughter is in hospital, I hope she gets well soon.
Thanks for letting me know about the forum.
Love Sandie xx

Anonymous said...

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