Monday, 16 February 2009


Well i shared this with my lovely friend Cindy this morning and thought as i have no art today so far , i would blog this poem of mine here too lol. Its an old one written about two years ago
hope it makes you smile.

Tea Vicar? (c) J. Mac 2007

Heaven help me,

I 'm in a quandry,

A dilemma, what to do?

The vicar you see,

was coming to tea,

so I baked a cake or two.

Trying to save time,

I opened the wine,

for later - well that was the plan.

It was after I had it tasted,

that I'm afraid I got wasted,

and viewed the vicar as a man.

He was polite and sweet,

when I massaged his feet,

and fed him with cherry cake.

Then I asked him to dance,

in a mood for romance,

then kissed him for goodness sake.

Like a fly he was stuck

and out of luck

as we swayed to rythm and blues.

see? thats when I blew it,

yep I asked him to do it,

the church or me he must choose.

His expression, perplexed,

it was what happened next,

that has put me in such a state.

He agreed we would wed,

was so easily led,

then kissed me and set the date.

Oh lord hear my plea,

I was drunk don't you see?

should have left the poor soul in peace.

For I'm still on remand,

for bigamy and,

I haven't a date for release.


Genie Sea said...

LOL!!!! How fun! :)

torpenhow07 said...

He he he lolol

This has really made me laugh June
It's brilliant

Tacey said...

LOL LOL...this is wonderful, June! A great lift to my day!

Cindy said...

Oh June this is priceless! Thanks so much for sharing it with me this morning. I needed a little chuckle. Where've you been? No posts since yesterday? Everything alright over there?
hugs my dear friend,

Jane said...

Fun poem, made me smile even at 6am in the morning! (Hubby snoring!)

Jane :0)