Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Playing with Glue

My good friend Susan has really inspired me with her mica pigment which she kindly sent a while back. I just can't stop playing with it as its fabulous and i was wondering how i could use it in a new way and also how i could create some new textures in my work and so i combined the mica with the use of hot glue and also a few little extras like tissue papers,beads,dried herbs etc which you can see in the 'red sky' atc and rub on foils on the 'rainbow hop' atc. All of these have both mica pigment and also hot glue as the basis


Susan said...

June, these are gorgeous, I'm going to have to look up "hot glue" and see how you did it :)

jackiescrafts said...

love these June, have just got some mica pigments myself and am looking forward to experimenting