Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Beginning

Its a new blog for the host of creative stuff i live for. I just decided i needed somewhere that i could post all my bits and bobs as although i have the crafting blogs i still have so many other things i like to do and so this will be the place to add them.
My poetry,art work,crafts of course, and anything else i have that fits loosely into the 'creative category.
Please come in anc comment when you can as i will really appreciate it
The 'Indian Sky Image is one i created using various techniques

IMAGE (C) j. macfarlane 2008
from 'fashioned with Nature' graphics at www.creationsbyjj.com

And his was the face that occupied my dreams and demanded I look deeper than those around me ...


Deborah said...

Hey June :-)
Thanks for adding me to your links. I haven't done a blog roll yet. I really like The Beginning.

torpenhow07 said...

I love your new blog June, I love the begining too