Friday, 2 July 2010

Its a funny old life

Hi all, sorry i havent been posting much but its been a funny week. Tuesday morning my hubby's work place had a big fire. The back of the laundry shop is terribly damaged and  so we dont really know what will happen. Sam has been unable to go into work this week and the guy who owns the shop is not letting his staff know very much. He lives miles away and only just arrived yesterday. He speaks broken English so its hard to understand him at the best of times but at the moment all he is saying is that they still have their jobs but not seeming to do much, or say much else. Its frustrating to say the least ( oh well hope you all didnt mind my getting this off my chest )
On with the relevant stuff ....
I made this one using the new 'Blue Moon' collage set which includes png's. You can see work from my Design team ladies which is fantastic over at Dezinaworld where the set is for sale.
I hope you like my piece  with this lovely vintage couple ....

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Karen said...

Hi June...I do hope that you hear some positive news soon. You must both feel like you ar in limboland at the moment.

Awe look at that romantic couple...they look fab XXX

Fliss said...

Sorry to hear about this June and I know what it's like as one of my book-keeping clients had a big flood due to burst pipes just after Christmas.
I hope they manage to get it sorted soon.
Really lovely artwork you've done and I'm off to look at your new collage sheet as it looks beautiful.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Hugs, Fliss xxx

Chris Arlington said...

June, I LOVE the colours in this, this is wonderful!
I know everything will work out for your Hubby, I refuse to think anything else.

Netty said...

Fabulous picture and frame, ooh I love that frame. Sorry to hear your news, am sure it will all get sorted out, least I very much hope so. Hugs Annette xx