Wednesday, 7 April 2010

3 small pieces

I know i have been neglecting my blog a lot lately but to be honest the creativity is not flowing its just about dripping very slowly lol. I have three pieces to share today , none of them are particularly good but at least i did something. The urge is still there to create, but nothing seems to inspire me right now.

Mixed collage using encaustic etc in the background
Sea Life atc 
Book mark April Showers

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Dazie said...

Gorgeous Work, I love ht book mark!

crafty creations said...

Don't know about your mojo being up and down these pieces of work are beautiful xx Hilda

flutterbycrafter said...

These are gorgeous June, I love the book mark, in fact they are all fantastic. xx

Sally H said...

They look good to me, hun! Hang in there, I'm sure your mojo hasn't gone far!

Martina2801 said...

June, I must say I LOVE your creations! They are awesome, I'm always amazed at your creativity. BRAVO!!!!

sam21ski said...

Nothing wrong with these June and something is better than nothing xxxx

Jaqi said...

These are brilliant June, I love the bookmark its great , Jaqi x