Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wonderful Friends

I have two very very special blogging friends who have passed on some lovely awards to me recently. I have only just gotten enough time to properly display these with pride and take the time to pass them on to even more special friends. The following people deserve these awards for being caring, creative and constant. Don't you just love our community of crafters ? Such warm friendships and creative bonds makes life so much brighter each day ... Ok enough rambling on my thoughts and here are the awards and the people i would like to pass them on to

Treasured friends award from Penny

Blog Heart Award from Jackie

The Rules for the award as as follows:

The following 5 people deserve BOTH of these awards and are very special
Just pass this award onto 5 other bloggers who fit the description of the award. Please visit their blogs and leave a comment.



crafty creations said...

Ah thank you June I'm delighted and honoured to receive these awards

Thank you so much

Hugs Hilda

Tacey said...

Oh, June..thank you so much! I'm honored that you thought of me. This is a delightful way to start my day. Thank you my friend!